Krono Polo Gloves camouflage Limited Edition

Krono Polo Gloves camouflage Limited Edition

Grip, Fit and Durability are the most important key elements of the Krono Polo Gloves. 


The Krono Gloves have been designed to provide an exceptional grip to the mallet, so the polo player can have a perfect control of the mallet when hitting the ball. The synthetic leather absorbs the sweat from the heat and the water from the rain so the grip stays the same in all weather conditions.


The Polo Gloves made by Krono use a double Velcro technology which allows a tighter grip to the hand and stops the fingers from moving inside the gloves for a better control of the mallet.


Our gloves are made to last! After hours of playing polo, your dirty gloves can be washed in the washing machine and come back almost new for your next game. 

-        1 pair per pack

-        Lightweight polo gloves

-        Digital Camouflage Limited Edition, especially designed for polo

-        Double Velcro technology

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