About Us

Krono Polo; The true polo brand producing polo equipment, saddlery and fashion.


Founded by Camila Mejia Posada, Krono Polo has quickly established itself as a globally recognised brand. True polo brand producing sports equipment, saddlery and lifestyle hype products.

We are manufacturing equipment and clothing for the sport of Polo and our brand is worn by some of the best Polo Players in the world.

Krono Polo brings together a modern & sporting lifestyle whilst challenging the traditional approach of Polo.

Our objective is to ensure that Krono Polo offers the safest helmets and protective equipment for Polo, but also great quality clothing to be worn on and off the field.


Camila, who studied engineering then fashion design has worked in the fashion industry for 10 years, from designing, production to retail. In her 30’s she decided to unify her passions for Hype fashion, polo and family to create a contemporary polo lifestyle brand or the everyday off the field and training life.

In 2018 Camila created Krono polo, and it has become since then a business model that develops ideas into edgier products, and while aiming to be contemporary and accessible, the feedback from clients around the world has been incredibly positive, specially from the younger generation.

Krono Polo believes young polo players can identify with the image from our brand, inspiring them with our trendy polo equipment, casual/streetwear clothing and fitness that we specially design for them. Nonetheless, Krono Polo makes being casual and comfortable possible for every player, at the field and around friends, members and other players of the polo club.


Krono Polo distinguishes as a brand that gives a traditional elite sport, mainly played by argentine polo professionals generation after generation, an edgy approach, transforming it into a contemporary lifestyle. Among our most outstanding products are:

Our incredibly lightweight Helmets, made from two Carbon Fibre shells with a crushable aluminium honeycomb between them, that works as a much more effective crumple zone, significantly ahead of any other helmet on the market.

Our gloves, made out of a man made suede-like polyester fabric, absorbs water or sweat and keeps the grip of the mallet at all times without losing the real feel of your hand.


As full ambassadors we have Milly Hine, for ladies, and Ed Banner Eve, Lerin Zubiarre and James Man, but we have many top players currently using out products, such as Jeta and Barto Castanola, Juano Britos, Inaki and Magoo laprida, Benja Urquiza, Tom Morley, Max Charlton, Mia Cambiaso, Hillario Ulloa, Facu Sola, Tomas Beresford, among others. We want them to feel confident, comfortable and to help them perform at their best during the games.


Our website www.kronopolo.com is essential for the sales of Polo equipment we ship worldwide. We also have a growing number of retailers all around the world.

Krono Polo is now sold in retail locations in Europe, the United States, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Asia.