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Silm Raw Selvedge JeansSilm Raw Selvedge Jeans

Silm Raw Selvedge Jeans

A pair of well-made raw selvedge jeans is a versatile and essential building block for any wardrobe...

Slim Grey Selvedge JeansSlim Grey Selvedge Jeans

Slim Grey Selvedge Jeans

A pair of well-crafted grey jeans is a must-have foundation for any wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton,..

Slim Black Selvedge JeansSlim Black Selvedge Jeans

Slim Black Selvedge Jeans

When it comes to the building blocks of your wardrobe, a pair of well-made black jeans is essential...

Slim Blue Stretch Selvedge JeansSlim Blue Stretch Selvedge Jeans

Slim Blue Stretch Selvedge Jeans

A must-have in any wardrobe, a pair of well-crafted blue jeans is essential. These selvedge jeans ar..

Slim White Selvedge JeansSlim White Selvedge Jeans

Slim White Selvedge Jeans

A pair of well-crafted white jeans is a must-have foundation for any wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton..

Straight Raw Selvedge JeansStraight Raw Selvedge Jeans

Straight Raw Selvedge Jeans

A well-crafted pair of raw selvedge jeans is an essential cornerstone for any wardrobe. Made from 10..

Straight Grey Selvedge JeansStraight Grey Selvedge Jeans

Straight Grey Selvedge Jeans

Our straight fit jeans are a must-have foundation for any wardrobe, and our well-crafted grey jeans ..

Straight Black Selvedge JeansStraight Black Selvedge Jeans

Straight Black Selvedge Jeans

 Our straight fit jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, and our well-crafted black jeans are an e..

Straight Blue Stretch Selvedge JeansStraight Blue Stretch Selvedge Jeans

Straight Blue Stretch Selvedge Jeans

Our straight fit jeans are a must-have in any wardrobe, and our well-crafted blue jeans are essentia..

Black Selvedge ShortsBlack Selvedge Shorts

Black Selvedge Shorts

Introducing our new Selvedge Denim Shorts from Krono Polo, crafted with 100% selvedge Japanese cotto..

Selvedge Jeans JacketSelvedge Jeans Jacket

Selvedge Jeans Jacket

Introducing the Krono Polo Selvedge Jacket, made from 100% selvedge Japanese cotton. Crafted with me..

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As a company specialising in polo, it's important to offer apparel that reflects the sport's longstanding traditions and timeless style. Selvedge jeans and denim are the perfect fit for this purpose.

Crafted using traditional denim manufacturing techniques, such as shuttle looms and hand-sewn details, selvedge jeans are known for their exceptional quality and durability. This aligns perfectly with the values of polo, a sport that values strength, precision, and endurance.

Selvedge denim is also a nod to the past, which is fitting for a sport with such a rich history. This type of denim is made on narrow looms, which produce a finished edge on the fabric, known as the "selvedge." This technique was commonly used in the early 20th century, making it a classic and vintage choice for denim enthusiasts.

In addition, our selvedge denim is made from premium quality cotton and sourced from reputable mills, ensuring the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. This is in line with the sport of polo, which values excellence in every aspect, from the horses to the equipment to the players themselves.

By offering selvedge jeans as part of Krono Polo's apparel line, we are offering you high-quality, durable, and stylish denim that aligns with the sport's values and traditions. It's a choice that's sure to be appreciated by any polo enthusiast looking for a timeless addition to their wardrobe.