Polo Equipment

Polo Equipment

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Bespoke Team Shirts

Bespoke Team Shirts

Krono specialises in bespoke Polo Equipment and team shirts. All orders are made from scratch, accor..

High Goal Polo Gloves

High Goal Polo Gloves

Achieve unmatched protection with High Goal polo gloves, designed to elevate your game in any condit..

High Goal Polo SaddleHigh Goal Polo Saddle

High Goal Polo Saddle

We called this product, the High Goal Krono Saddle because it is probably now one of the most adopt..

High Goal WhitesHigh Goal Whites

High Goal Whites

Introducing the revolutionary Krono Polo Whites trousers, meticulously crafted to cater to the uniqu..

Krono Base Layer ShortsKrono Base Layer Shorts

Krono Base Layer Shorts

The Krono classic baselayer bottoms are made of a quick dry, breathable fabric to help regulate bo..

Krono Baselayer TopKrono Baselayer Top

Krono Baselayer Top

The Krono classic baselayer has become a crucial component of the KRONO range. It’s close fit and ..

Krono Polo Practice TrousersKrono Polo Practice Trousers

Krono Polo Practice Trousers

The Krono Polo Practice trousers are specifically designed for the sport of Polo. They are worn for..

Krono Polo WhitesKrono Polo Whites

Krono Polo Whites

The Krono Polo Whites are specifically designed for the sport of Polo. They are worn by the world’s..

The Elbow GuardsThe Elbow Guards

The Elbow Guards

The Krono Elbow Guards are trusted by some of the world's best Polo Players. With the pre-curved er..

The Krono Bag Nuxx RipstopThe Krono Bag Nuxx Ripstop

The Krono Bag Nuxx Ripstop

The Krono Polo Bag in black color is the perfect kit bag for your polo equipment or short travels. I..

The Krono WhipThe Krono Whip

The Krono Whip

The Krono Polo whips are made in United Kingdom with a solid fiber glass core. The braid is made of..

The Polo Belt "Black Gaucho"The Polo Belt "Black Gaucho"

The Polo Belt "Black Gaucho"

Elegance, sobriety and timelessness are the attributes of this belt made of Argentinian leather, wov..

The Polo BootsThe Polo Boots

The Polo Boots

The Krono Polo Boots have been praised by some of the world’s best Polo Players. They are made in A..

The Polo SocksThe Polo Socks

The Polo Socks

Ideal footwear for professional and amateur polo players, these Krono Polo Socks are made with an e..



The V11 Electric Unicycle boasts impressive features, including a new suspension and built-in stand,..

High Goal Carbon Polo Gloves

High Goal Carbon Polo Gloves

Elevate your protection to unparalleled levels with the High Goal Carbon polo gloves. Featuring cutt..

Krono Polo GlovesKrono Polo Gloves

Krono Polo Gloves

The Krono Polo Gloves, meticulously crafted by world-renowned polo players for unparalleled performa..

The Boot BagThe Boot Bag

The Boot Bag

The Krono Polo Boot bag with our signature horse camouflage is the perfect bag to transport your pol..

Polo Knee PadsPolo Knee Pads

Polo Knee Pads

The Krono Polo Knee pads or also called Knee Guards are made of the finest Buffalo hides, identical..

Black Polo HelmetBlack Polo Helmet

Black Polo Helmet

FIT, PROTECTION, STYLE. Here at KRONO POLO, styling, fit, function and safety are key in everything ..

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polo equipment

At Krono Polo, we understand that having the right equipment is essential to play polo, from beginner to professional players. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality polo equipment to suit players of all skill levels.

Polo Helmets: Our polo helmets are designed to keep players safe and comfortable while on horseback. 

Polo Boots: Our polo boots are made from premium materials and are built to last. They provide support and protection for the feet and ankles and have been specifically designed to be worn while playing polo.

Polo Gloves: Our polo gloves help players to grip their mallets more firmly. Dry or wet, they always grip.

Elbow Pads: They are designed to provide extra protection to players' elbows if hit by a ball or mallet. 

White Jeans: Polo players traditionally wear white clothing on the field. We offer a range of white jeans that are specifically designed for the sport of polo.

Kit Bag: Our kit bags are specially designed to carry all the polo equipment you need while on the field, they are spacious and come with multiple compartments.

Team Shirts: Our team shirts are available in a range of colors, perfect for representing your team on the field. 

Base Layers: Our base layers are worn under the polo shirt and are designed to keep players cool and dry. They are made from moisture-wicking fabric to help regulate body temperature and keep players comfortable during the game.

We provide our customers with the best polo equipment on the market, so you can play with confidence and enjoy the game to the fullest.