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Carbon High Goal Polo SaddleCarbon High Goal Polo Saddle

Carbon High Goal Polo Saddle

The new Carbon High Goal saddle is the lightest saddle used in polo thanks to its very light weight ..

High Goal Polo SaddleHigh Goal Polo Saddle

High Goal Polo Saddle

We called this product, the High Goal Krono Saddle because it is probably now one of the most adopt..

Krono Polo SaddleKrono Polo Saddle

Krono Polo Saddle

COMFORT, FITTING, WEIGHT and FREEDOM of MOVEMENT. Here at KRONO POLO, we think these are keys to al..

Stirrup Leathers

Stirrup Leathers

Krono Polo ¼ x 56 inches stirrup leathers made from high quality buffalo hides.These leathers are ve..



The Krono martingale made of high quality dark brown leather (almost black), with stainless steel bu..



The Krono breastplate offers double side adjustments and high quality stainless steel buckle, all ma..

Polo Bridle GagPolo Bridle Gag

Polo Bridle Gag

Krono Saddlery bridle leather set with stainless steel buckles includes: Crown, Browband, Leather Ca..

Polo Bridle Pelham

Polo Bridle Pelham

Krono Saddlery bridle leather set with stainless steel buckles includes: Crown, Browband, pair of ¾”..

3/4" Bridle Reins

3/4" Bridle Reins

¾” Krono bridle rein with stainless steel buckles. Made in Argentina...

Big Ring GagBig Ring Gag

Big Ring Gag


Pelham Jointed
Draw Reins

Draw Reins

¾” x 15” Leather draw reins with stainless steel centre buckle and loop ends. Made in Argentina by K..

Equalizer Neoprene Girth

Equalizer Neoprene Girth

Krono Equalizer Girth made with a durable 3” Poly Webbing cushioned with a 4” wide neoprene pad.Neop..

Wide Polo Stirrups

Wide Polo Stirrups

Krono Stainless steel polo stirrups. They have a wide platform providing stable hitting platform for..

Polo Leg Wraps

Polo Leg Wraps

The Krono leg wraps are ideal to exercise or play a game of polo while protecting the horse’s legs a..

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Krono Polo offers a small range of saddlery products exclusively made for the game of polo. Our polo saddles are now widely used at the highest level of polo but also great to begin with your first polo pony. The Krono saddles are known for their quality, made by the best artisans in Europe and Argentina. The polo saddles we make are designed to offer comfort to the horse’s back while giving a great and stable hitting platform to the rider. 

Krono Saddlery also offers a great range of leather bridles for polo ponies. All our bridles are made in Argentina, using the finest leathers available for a long-lasting polo bridle. Many of the top professional players are currently using our bridles and saddles and we believe they offer the best value in term of quality and price.