Cordovan Polo Boots

Cordovan Polo Boots

The Cordovan Polo Boots have been praised by some of the world’s best Polo Players. They are made in Argentina from the finest Cordovan Hides.

Cordovan, also called Shell Cordovan or Anca de Potro in Spanish is the cream of the crop when it comes to luxurious quality polo boots.

This luxurious leather is a very dense, fibrous membrane cut from the hind quarters of a horse. It is one of the most expensive quality leathers available. It is hard wearing, durable, lustrous and generally water resistant. It has no visible pores and instead of creasing, it ripples beautifully with time.

The Krono Cordovan Polo Boots are a statement. They are stylish and develop a wonderful patina over time.  These boots will last you a lifetime!

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