Bespoke Helmet

Bespoke Helmet

Many Krono Helmets we sell are bespoke, customised with specific colours or fabrics, often with a company logo at the back and initials on the side. The delivery time, depending on the time of the year varies from one to six weeks. For those, who cannot wait, we often carry some Polo Helmets in stock, in different sizes and colours. 

The “stock” helmets are also made of the same high-quality materials. The Krono polo helmets are made of carbon and glass fibre shells and a high Impact inner layer composed of EPS, repeated impact absorption is guaranteed as the material regenerates to give better protection in extreme falls.

Our Polo Helmet is one of the most comfortable helmets on the market. The inner padding, attached with a zip, can be removable and washable, however for those that do not want the hassle you can have the fixed type. It is important that you measure your head correctly form the centre of your forehead to the widest part at the back of your head. You can add or remove the inner foam strips to adjust your head as perfectly as possible.

This helmet in stock is made of softshell (similar to raining coat fabric) in black colour, with a medium grey peak.

  • Conforms to PAS 015: 2011
  • Available with English or Argentine Peak
  • 4-point harness with buckle.
  • Detachable/washable or fixed inner padding.
  • Available in all sizes from 53cm to 62cm.
  • 3/4 weeks delivery.

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