The Polo Belt "Ellerston"

The Polo Belt "Ellerston"

A traditional belt for people who find in sobriety the way to feel at ease. This belt is made of Argentinian leather, which offers a superior wearing experience and has been created under the hand of expert craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to leather goods, who seek to take care of every detail in the creation process.

Each belt takes time to make, so we have decided to focus our efforts on taking care of every detail of the belts rather than making large quantities of them, seeking to offer pieces of art to complement your outfits.

The classic "diamonds" that weave this belt remind us of the landscapes and traditions of the South American culture; its buckle offers a touch of wear that gives it a vintage and tasteful touch that complements the navy blue and subtle brown creating a sense of elegance.

The belt has a width of 3.5 cm, to know what size it is check your waist measurement with the following table.

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