The Polo Belt "Suede Gaucho"

The Polo Belt "Suede Gaucho"

This classic polo belt in luxury suede leather is perfect for a day when you want to look good without maximum effort. Handmade with high quality suede leather in tan and the intricately hand stitched thread in vintage white, this classic traditional colour combination is a timeless look which will never go out of style and still ends up offering a unique wearing experience.

The sobriety that supports this suede belt made from the best South American Cow leather will give you a sense of security and self-confidence. For this design, the polo belt is handmade, from a sturdy wax-dipped saddlery thread which will form "diamonds" as a symbol of the Aztec and South American culture; the intense tan colour of the suede leather gives it that final touch of elegance and style that will allow you to complement the belt with any other garment, this accessory is especially ideal to wear in a polo match, or any other casual events. You can trust this belt will last for many years, adding a patina to the suede leather, but to always look amazing.

Measuring 3.5 cm wide and variable in length, you can select the size that best suits you by following our size guide.

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