White and Pink Helmet

White and Pink Helmet
White and Pink Helmet
White and Pink Helmet

White and Pink Helmet

Styling, Fit and Safety are the key elements of the Krono helmets we make. All the Polo Helmets we build are handmade in UK, in our small factory in the North of London. 

Our team of designers made many “world’s first” in polo by introducing a detachable peak to our helmet. In case of an impact from the front, the peak will detach itself to prevent neck injuries, a small technology which still hasn’t been copied and could prove to save yourself from a serious neck or back injury.

The Krono Helmet is built using two shells of carbon fiber to surround an aluminum honeycomb which is a technology derived from Formula 1, and still being used on F1 cars nowadays. It acts as crumple zone which will absorb the impact of crashes, which allowed the Krono Helmets to be HPA compliant, conform to PAS 015: 2011.

While designing a new helmet, it was important to us and our customers to keep the same look and feel of the traditional polo helmet. On the outside, the material used are still the same used by polo players from the last 100 years, using cotton or leather on the outer shell.

This Krono Helmet in stock is made of softshell (easier to clean), white with pink English style peak.

  • 3 point harness with magnetic buckle.
  • Rear adjuster.
  • Removable Padding. Our headbands are machine washable.
  • Available in three adjustable skull sizes. S (53-56), M (57-59), L (60-61)   
  • This Polo Helmet, in white and pink softshell fabric is in stock in all sizes and can be shipped within one day.
  • 3/4 weeks delivery.

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