The Polo Belt "Tonkawa"

The Polo Belt "Tonkawa"

This belt is a blend of cultures and traditions. Woven in navy blue and bottle green yarns, it takes us back to the English polo traditions in the fields of Windsor in England, but preserving the customs transmitted by the woven "diamonds" of this belt that represent the Andes Mountains in South America.

Polo, a sport that came to Argentina thanks to the English, is now united under this iconic piece. Ideal to wear with polo trousers, but also with casual suits, dresses or simply jeans. The leather used is of the highest quality, cowhides that have been subjected to careful tanning processes to enhance the value of each belt. Hand-woven by local artisans in Argentina, who take around five hours to create each diamond.

In short, this belt will steal the show in your wardrobe. Belt with a width of 3.5 cm and variable length depending on your measurements, check the table below and select the most appropriate one.

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