Custom Made Triple Layer Polo Boots

Custom Made Triple Layer Polo Boots

The Krono Polo Boots have been praised by some of the world’s best Polo Players. They are made in Argentina from the finest Cow hides.

The Triple Layer Polo boots are manufactured with a triple layer of leather on the outside for extra protection, durability and shock absorption.

We use Cowhide leather which has very tight grain and few imperfections, it is the perfect material for most higher-end Polo boots. The grain in particular is very fine but is very durable.

The leather of our Triple layer Krono Polo Boots is very soft and pliable, it conforms to the foot even to the point that it will sometimes shrink down a width or half a size if they are a little loose. 

Durability is an important element of our Krono polo boots. The strength and elasticity of the hides we use give our boots a high resistance to ripping. The soles are welted, which makes them for more durable, waterproof and lasting.

While our Krono Boots do not require heavy maintenance, it is important to polish and nourish them, so they do not dry up or crack after many years of horse riding and playing polo. If you want high quality Polo Boots, our Triple Layer Krono Boots is your choice.

The Triple Layer Krono boots are only available in made to order (Bespoke) and delivery can take up to 31 days from reception of completed sizing form.

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