Polo boots protect us, give us security and help us maneuver the horse with confidence. There is no sport on horseback where boots are not one of the great protagonists of the whole outfit in general.

Knowing how to choose them is not only necessary but mandatory, since like all footwear that does not fit our foot correctly, it will end up offering us a terrible experience when using them, where the end result will always be the same: change the polo boots for ones that they really fit us properly; Now, the problem with polo boots is that their high cost prevents us from making the decision to change them constantly, so knowing the size from the beginning will be a relief for our wallet.

It is important to note that several measurements must be taken in the leg and foot area to ensure the ideal fit of the polo boot. Below you will find the way to measure your limbs, if your body measurements do not appear in the table below, you must choose the size that is higher than the one you obtained at the time of measurement.

At Krono Polo we use the European footwear size for our polo boots as a reference. Compare our measurements with the following table and you will know which boots to choose.






13 1/9 in

33.2 cm

9 4/9 in

24 cm

15 1/3 in

38.9 cm


13 5/8 in

34.6 cm

9 5/8 in

24.5 cm

15 3/5 in

39.6 cm


13 8/9 in

35.3 cm

9 7/8 in

25.1 cm

15 7/8 in

40.3 cm


14 1/6 in

36 cm

10 1/6 in

25.8 cm

16 1/7 in

41 cm


14 4/7 in

37 cm

10 3/7 in

26.5 cm

17 ⅓ in

44 cm


10 5/7 in

38 cm

10 5/7 in

27.2 cm

17 5/7 in

45 cm


15 3/8 in

39 cm

11 in

27.8 cm

18 1/9 in

46 cm


15 5/8 in

39.7 cm

11 2/9 in

28.5 cm

18 1/2 in

47 cm


16 in

40.5 cm

11 1/2 in

29.2 cm

18 8/9 in

48 cm


16 1/7 in

41 cm

11 4/5 in

30 cm

19 1/9 in

48.5 cm

Remember that Krono Polo has different references to polo boots depending on the leather used, be it buffalo, bovine or Cordovan. In addition, it has the option of manufacturing custom boots tailored to your foot for a unique wearing experience.

In general, Krono Polo boots are easy to care for and maintain, it is recommended to use specialized leather soaps to maintain their luster for a long time and prevent premature deterioration. However, it is important to note that thanks to the high quality of the leathers used in the manufacture of the boots, they prevent the penetration of dust, lint or horsehair, preserving the original appearance of the boot for much longer.

Visit www.kronopolo.com and find the different types of polo boots that Krono has for you.