Nowadays, sports socks are more popular among physical activity lovers. Previously, it was thought that they were reserved for football players, but as time goes by, people have found in this an article that complements general attire and most importantly, provides benefits to leg muscles and prevents injuries.

Now, what are compression socks?

For some time, the health benefits of these socks have been mentioned, some calling them myths and others exaggerating the positive aspects they bring to those who wear them. However, we must tell you that in reality these socks do work and make a difference when it comes to playing sports.

1. Socks reduce leg muscle pain

When we are in movement and we exercise, the leg muscles impact against the ground causing a constant vibration on them, that continuous vibration causes pain that can attack hours or even days later. If we use a stocking adjusted to our limb muscles, the stockings will reduce the vibration wave notably, so that, by remaining firm, the pains will not be so intense and the fatigue will be less.

2. Socks help increase circulation

This is the greatest benefit of wearing special sports socks, since, due to the effect of gravity, blood accumulates in the lower extremities, and this is when the socks start to work. The design of Krono polo socks, have a push-up in the calf that presses when walking, running or making any movement; this drives the blood flow back to the heart avoiding the accumulation of blood in the feet.

3. Good circulation prevents varicose veins

The socks for sports activities, as we saw before, promote good circulation, which avoids blood problems. Varicose veins, whether it is aesthetical or not, are a reflection of problems in the return of blood to the rest of the body, which is why assistance is needed to speed up the flow in the lower extremities. From the moment you start to feel numbness or itchy muscles, wearing the polo socks will help prevent varicose veins from appearing. 

4. Sports socks speed up muscle recovery

One of the objectives of each player is to be well recovered in order to maintain a constant rhythm when playing or practicing, since the success of a tournament depends on continuous training. If for any reason there is an injury or the training must stop, we know that this is a disadvantage for the affected player, so recovery is vital for every player. Healthy legs do not generate pain and avoid insomnia, which allows you to be recharged with energy to keep up with your daily routine.

5. Socks give you style

The socks have gone past from being an accessory to being a part of the outfit that can sometimes be the protagonist, either by flashes of colour or design. Krono Polo socks come in colours such as black and white, but the brand name on the front becomes a focal point, giving you extra attention when wearing them. Wear them with confidence and you'll see that you won't go unnoticed.

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Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos